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Combi Introduces New Load Containment Solutions to North American Markets

Combi is excited to announce the expansion of its end-of-line packaging automation solutions by adding Siat’s world-class load containment products to its portfolio. With a long and successful track record established in Europe and Asia, the Siat BeeWrap+ will be the first product in the range marketed in North America under the Combi brand. The BeeWrap+ is an advanced mobile, robotic, semi-automatic stretch wrapper designed to increase productivity and minimize consumable cost through advanced engineering that prioritizes safety, reliability and ease-of-use. Combi is now your single source for high-quality case erecting, packing, sealing, palletizing and wrapping systems backed by the best technical and aftermarket support in the industry. Learn more about Combi & Siat here.




Semi-Automatic Robot Stretch-Wrapper

BeeWrap+ is a mobile wrapping machine used for palletizing goods with stretch film. It is suitable for heavy weight items, unusual shapes, and loads with large dimensions. It is equipped with an intuitive digital control panel that allows the user to alter job settings and create customized wrapping cycle recipes.

The BeeWrap+ is also equipped with Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) dry battery technology. The sealed battery is virtually maintenance-free and capable of providing up to 400 cycles per charge. AGM batteries are safer than other options and less prone to thermal runaway if damaged or handled improperly.

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  • User-friendly control panel
  • Standard powered pre-stretch (240%) maximizes film yield significantly lowering consumable costs
  • UL-listed and CE-compliant
  • Customizable with two different column heights, battery capacity, and safety scanner with automatic stop/re-start capability
  • Film carriage is belt driven and requires no maintenance
  • Robust tires provide a long service life reducing the cost of ownership

Key features



  • Safety first – UL Listed and CE compliant.  Engineered and produced in Italy according to rigorous EU safety standards.
  • Advanced battery technology – AGM batteries are maintenance free and not subject to transportation restrictions.
  • Energy efficient – Automatic shutdown of the machine after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Long battery life – Up to 250 cycles between charges with standard battery and up to 400 cycles with optional model.  
  • Flexible – Suitable for very large and round loads.
  • Mobility – Machine is easily moved to facilitate decentralized wrapping.
  • Easy-to-useIntuitive control panel and straightforward mechanical adjustments.

Ideal for these industries

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Siat and Combi: A History of Packaging Innovation Around the Globe

Together, Siat and Combi offer customers a strategic partner that brings innovation, efficiency, sustainability, cost-savings and high-performance to secondary packaging lines of all shapes and sizes. With presence in more than 30 countries, Siat and Combi continue to develop solutions that enhance world-class brands everywhere.

  • Siat and Combi: More than 50 years of innovation and engineering prowess in packaging and automation
  • Global sales and support in more than 30 countries
  • Combi’s introduction of all-new load containment product training curriculum
  • Comprehensive parts and service program
  • Customer-centric technical support available locally.


About Siat

Founded in 1970 in Northern Italy, Siat has a long-standing heritage in the packaging industry. Siat designs and manufactures market-leading taping equipment (automatic and semiautomatic), stretch wrappers, strapping machines, flexographic machines, and tape dispensers for customers across the globe. Serving blue-chip brands like 3M, Nestle and BMW, Siat understands the diverse challenges progressive companies face. By listening to customers and analyzing market trends, Siat delivers innovative pack line solutions to customers across the globe.


About Combi

Founded in 1979 and wholly owned by Siat, Combi Packaging Systems is a leading North American producer of, custom, end-of-line packaging systems for any industry. Manufactured in North Canton, Ohio, each Combi custom solution is optimized to satisfy each customer’s requirements to deliver both operational improvements and cost savings. Combi’s friendly, responsive team is there to ensure every customer receives a world-class experience during all project stages.